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2014 has been an excellent year for 16yr old Elliott Weston. He has not just achieved one Black Belt but TWO in the space of 7 months. Elliott was awarded his 1st Dan Black Belt in Muay Thai in February 2014 which was an an excellent achievement, but he did not stop there !! Elliott then successfully went on to pass his 1st Dan Black Belt in Sankukai Karate October 2014.
Elliott has trained both styles of Martial Arts since the age of 12yrs. Training double sessions on both saturdays and sundays. His commitment and determination has most certainly been rewarded.
Rob Lock comments ” Elliott has been dedicated to his training since day ONE.  To train every week without fail at his age demonstrates to me that he was determined to succeed.  There are a lot of temptations these days for teenagers to spend all their time on Ipads, mobile phones and other gadgets and they are becoming increasingly  lethargic and introvert. The skills that Elliott has learned over the years have  improved his Fitness, Stamina, Focus and Self Defence skills  plus a “NEVER GIVE UP ” attitude which will enable Elliott to succeed in  his adult years. I have no doubt that he has a very bright future”

Elliott pictured here with Alice and Amber on their grading day
Elliott pictured here with Alice and Amber on their grading day


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