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Check out Rob’s latest film project POLITE SOCIETY, for which Rob is the fight arranger. Rob Lock TV & Film Martial Arts Choreography 

Synopsis of the film:

“Ria Khan practises martial arts in order to become a stunt woman but when her sister drops out of art school and gets engaged, Ria decides she and her friends must pull off a wedding-heist.

We will be planning a private screening for all our members and their families when it is released at the end of April 2023. More details will follow.. See if you can spot Rob on the trailer !! 

Rob has been involved in film and TV for many years.

Fight choreography and acting. 



Polite Society Action Comedy Follows a bolshy school girl whose world is shaken after knowing that her big sister will give up on her dreams to get engaged, and she believes she must save her sister from the shackles of marriage by pulling off a wedding heist. Director & Writer Nida Manzoor, Stars Ritu Arya and Priya Kansara

Since assisting in the fight choreography in ‘HUNTED’ Drama series with Melissa George and ‘SUFFRAGETTE’ film starring Helena Bonham Carter. Rob was recruited to assist as a fight trainer in the thriller ‘MORGAN’ starring Anya Taylor Joy and Kate Mara

Rob on set with Anya Taylor Joy

The film is now out on DVD , A must see !! Age 15 + (2016)

Rob worked closely with Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan in the British Historical period drama film ‘Suffragette‘ 2015

Rob worked as an assistant fight choreographer and also had a part as a hit man in the BBC ONE drama HUNTED.

Rob pictured with the awesome Melissa George just before the fight scene by the canal

Rob was recruited in 2011/12 to assist in the fight choreography of drama series HUNTED which was screened on BBC ONE and SKY ONE. Rob assisted the amazing Jo McLaren in the fight scenes in the series. Jo is not only an amazing stunt woman but also an incredible fighter. The fight scenes were very realistic and dynamic and featured heavily in the drama.


photo-7 (2)


Rob with Jo McLaren and the team from Hunted

Pictured above are Back Row from left to right
Dave Garrick, Rick English, James Grogan, Mike Lambert
Front row from left to right Jo McLaren, Rob Lock, Crispin Layfield

Dave Garrick, stunt double for Liam Neeson, George Clooney, Michael Caine and
Anthony Hopkins. Stunt performer “Les Miserables” “Spartacus : Blood and Sand”
“Robin Hood” “The Bourne Ultimatum” “Hunted

Rick English, stunt double for Brad Pitt “World War Z” stunt double for Adam Rayner “Hunted
Stunt performer “The Dark Knight Rises” “Skyfall”

James Grogan, stunt performer “Game of Thrones” stunt double for Paul Walker “Fast and Furious 6”
Fight coordinator “The Numbers Station”

Mike Lambert, Fight Choreographer “Kick Ass 2” “Wrath of the Titans” stunt double for lead in
“Captain America : The First Avenger” stunt double for Jason Statham “The Bank
Job” Stunt performer in “Blitz” “Robin Hood” “Clash of the Titans” “Centurion”

Jo McLaren, stunt performer in “Titanic” “The Mummy”
“Captain America : The First Avenger”
“Lara Croft : Tomb Raider” stunt performer and riding double for Efain in “Centurion”
Stunt double for Tamina in “Prince of Persia : Sands of Time”
Stunt coordinator “Panda Eyes” stunt performer “Gone too Far”
Assistant stunt coordinator “Hunted

Crispin Layfield, stunt coordinator “Hunted” “Dr Who” “Casualty” “Gone in Sixty Seconds”
“The Tunnel” “Alan Partridge : Alpha Papa”

Rob also played a part of a hit man in one of the episodes and enjoys an exciting fight scene with the main actress Melissa George

Blu-Ray DVD also advailable.



BRITAINS HARDEST was also a highlight for Rob.

Rob was asked to compete in a tough man competition by SKY one, an offer he could not resist. Rob did the Midlands proud and made it through to the final show after winning his heat. We wont spoil the result for you in case you have not seen it, but it was a nail biting end to one of the most demanding experiences Rob has ever endured.