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Sankukai Karate was devised by Yoshinao Nanbu. An incredibly dynamic individual who won many Karate championships in Japan. He toured extensively, teaching his style of Karate throughout the world for many years. Sankukai roughly translated means evasion – surely an excellent concept for self-defence! Karate at Rob Lock’s Academy comprises self-defence, pad work, a grading system, an excellent ethic code for youngsters and adults alike and an attitude of ‘never give up’ that runs through the Academy.

Gloves and pads are provided for all students and we do sell stock if you wish to have your own.

We strike focus mitts and kick bags to develop timing and power. The classes are structured by colour of Belt. As your progress improves, so does your level of skill and fitness.

Senior grades are… Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown/3 stripes, Brown/2 stripes, Brown /1 white Band, Black Belt 1st Dan, Black Belt 2nd Dan, Black Belt 3rd Dan.

Sarah delighted with her recent grade
Gary training with his grandsons Zack and Reece
Instructors Rob, Stuart & Jack
Senior Instructor Stuart demonstrating on Matt
George 1st Dan Black Belt
New Junior Black Belt Drew with Instructor Dan and Chief Instructor Rob