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Rob Lock

Rob Lock has been involved in Martial Arts ever since he started training in 1974. He became a professional martial arts instructor in 1980. Rob has trained under some of the worlds martial arts legends, such as Dan Inosanto, Rick Young, Larry Hartsell, Erik Paulson, Paul Vunak, Bobby Breen, Master Toddy, Justo Dieguez, Master Woody, Mauricio Gomes and Alan ‘Butch’ White.

Rob has taught in Spain, Germany, Italy, plus the USA as well as all over the United Kingdom.

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Rob has also had a vast and varied career in TV and Movies, ranging from playing a henchmen on “Hunted” to being a fight arranger on the fantastic movie “POLITE SOCIETY

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Oliver joined Rob Locks Academy in October 2023 as he was loving all things martial arts but we were also hoping it would improve his confidence – not only around other children but also within himself. To start with Ollie wouldn’t step foot on the mats in either Karate or Muay Thai and on the rare occasions he did, his dad would have to be with him.

Whilst not doing much in class, he was definitely taking it all in because as soon as we got home, he would be practising and telling us the names of the different moves.

Fast forward a few months, and with the hard work and determination of Chloe, Zoe, Rob and the team, Oliver is thriving. We can’t thank everyone enough for their perseverance with Ollie. Not only have they helped lay the foundations for his martial arts journey, but also for him starting school in September.


Arun age 6
Arun started at Rob Locks in September 2023. We had been going to another kung fu club before this but wasn’t really enjoying it there.
When he started at Rob Locks he was still very distracted and a little disruptive but over the next few months the improvement in Arun’s attention span and interest in muay Thai was amazing.
He has progressed really well and I think this is down to the patience and understanding of Rob and Chloe. He now looks forward to coming every week and even practices at home.


 Muay Thai Student
I started at Rob Locks in 2017 aged 10 after watching a session at the Crystal Leisure centre. I thought I want to do that” and kept pestering my mom to join me up.
Fast forward 7 years later and I am now a 1st Dan black grade. Muay Thai has challenged me physically but also mentally. It has taught me determination, discipline and self control. I feel I have become a better person for learning Muay Thai and I’ve made great friends along the way. I am hoping in the future to visit Thailand to do a Muay Thai course to expand my skills.
I would recommend training at Rob Locks Academy, the instructors are brilliant and every session is different, it is a great way to learn self defence and get fit!


Check out Chris’s story, Chris has been with us for 26 years and is a dynamic, motivational coach who is well respected by everybody at the academy:

Muay Thai Instructor

I first started training under Rob in 1998 at the crystal leisure centre.
Starting in Thai Boxing I quickly took a shine to the training and enjoyed how quickly my fitness improved. After a number of years I started training other martial arts including JKD, shoot wrestling and MMA. This gave me the opportunity to enter competitions in both Thai boxing and cage fighting. Over my fight career I have had a number of fights at semi-professional and professional shows with a good level of success.

Since then I have joined the instructor team at the academy as the senior Thai boxing instructor. I have coached many students to black belt level and above. I have had the pleasure of seeing students enter the academy and grow in confidence and skill level.

In the past couple of years I have also gained my 3rd dan black belt which is the highest grade a Thai boxer can achieve and something I am extremely proud of. Thanks to Rob and the instructor team I have always enjoyed going training and now have the opportunity to pass my skills onto others.