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PRIVATE TUITION – NOW AVAILABLE SATURDAYS ACCELERATE YOUR LEARNING ! Prices start from £15 We are delighted to inform you that our Instructor team Chris, Stuart, Jack, Ian, Abi, Chloe and Dan will be available to book private tuition. Adults or Children age 4yrs +Private tuition is an excellent way to focus on YOU as


SANKUKAI KARATE TRAINING AT ROB LOCKS’ ACADEMY Sankukai Karate was devised by Yoshinao Nanbu. An incredibly dynamic individual who won many Karate championships in Japan. He toured extensively, teaching his style of Karate throughout the world for many years. Sankukai roughly translated means evasion – surely an excellent concept for self-defence! Karate at Rob Lock’s


STREET SELF DEFENCE FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN AGE 9 YEARS AND OVER  Instructors Ian, Richard and Chief Instructor Rob Jeet Kune Do was conceived by Bruce Lee, based on his experiences in unarmed fighting and self-defense. Originally, Lee had studied and researched various forms of martial arts and would formalize a system named Jun Fan

MUAY THAI BOXING 10 Years – Adults

man kicking bag in gym muay thai martial arts

MUAY THAI BOXING – adults and youths – beginners welcome Chief Instructor Rob Lock demonstrating on Instructor Chris Hill   Muay Thai Boxing is recognised by many as one of the most effective combat systems in the world. Thai Boxing is well over a thousand years old and today still retains the values of discipline


Little Dragons Karate 4-6yrs Specialised Karate Coaching for younger children Little Dragon’s Karate classes are a mix of traditional Karate on a Junior Syllabus, kick bag drills, focus mit drills for punching plus fitness techniques specifically designed to ages 4-6yrs. Our aim is to improve confidence, focus, concentration, making new friends and having fun! The