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Check out Chris’s story, Chris has been with us for 26 years and is a dynamic, motivational coach who is well respected by everybody at the academy:

Muay Thai Instructor

I first started training under Rob in 1998 at the crystal leisure centre.
Starting in Thai Boxing I quickly took a shine to the training and enjoyed how quickly my fitness improved. After a number of years I started training other martial arts including JKD, shoot wrestling and MMA. This gave me the opportunity to enter competitions in both Thai boxing and cage fighting. Over my fight career I have had a number of fights at semi-professional and professional shows with a good level of success.

Since then I have joined the instructor team at the academy as the senior Thai boxing instructor. I have coached many students to black belt level and above. I have had the pleasure of seeing students enter the academy and grow in confidence and skill level.

In the past couple of years I have also gained my 3rd dan black belt which is the highest grade a Thai boxer can achieve and something I am extremely proud of. Thanks to Rob and the instructor team I have always enjoyed going training and now have the opportunity to pass my skills onto others.