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Jeet Kune Do was conceived by Bruce Lee, based on his experiences in unarmed fighting and self-defence. Originally, Lee had studied and researched various forms of martial arts and would formalize a system named Jun Fan Gung Fu circa 1962.

Incorporates several martial arts. Muay Thai, Weapons (eskrima) Stick and knife , grappling, wrestling, keysi fighting method etc

You will learn how to defend themselves in various situations. Attacked to the ground, how to escape etc. Attacked from behind, attacked with a weapon, attacked by two or more people , aware of dangers. Junior Jeet Kune Do is mindful how this is explained not to create fear.

All students are taught the discipline of martial arts and it is forbidden to not be practiced on people outside of the club. All students are coached to get away from a volatile situation , self defence skills are the only option if you are unable to get away.

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