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Muay Thai Martial Arts Self Defence Classes West Midlands

Begin Muay Thai classes today and improve your physical and mental health. Whether you are looking for a new sport to try or have been wanting to join martial arts classes for a while, it is a great art for all.


What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai martial arts is argued to be one of the more effective forms of combat across the world. Since originally being established in Thailand, the combat sport has developed and is an increasingly popular workout. 

Muay Thai fighters use their body as a weapon using 8 limbs to battle their opponent. These include their shins, firsts, knee and elbows, translating into a number of leg kicks and knee strikes.

How will it benefit me?

Muay Thai Boxing for Children

The martial art is a respectable fighting style sport where children develop self-discipline, social skills and confidence. Muay Thai boxing is a good choice for children who enjoy competitive sport. It gives them the opportunity to achieve different bands as they progress.

Muay Thai Boxing for Adults

Muay Thai classes are a great alternative to your normal run or gym session. Thai boxing matches provide a full body workout whilst also improving your mental health. It can boost your confidence to support in otherwise known stressful life situations.

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