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Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Keeping fit, achieving goals and having fun.

At Rob Lock’s martial arts academy we offer various types of martial arts classes for kids. From karate to Muay Thai Boxing, we have something to suit every child.


Why should my child take up martial arts classes?

Children who take part in martial art classes learn a number of valuable skills which you may not be aware of. 

Children’s martial arts classes focus on individual development unlike other sports which encourage team competition. One of the many reasons parents enrol their children into martial arts children’s classes is so they can build physical and mental strength as an individual. 

The classes include goal setting and time management, essential life skills which also support academic study. Martial arts classes are aimed to build a child’s concentration and focus.

Kids martial arts classes

What types of kids martial arts classes can my child attend?

Kids karate classes

Karate is one of our most popular classes and is based on teaching children how to connect mind and body through self defence and reaction to danger. Our karate classes for kids are centred around growing each individual’s skills. Our karate classes cater for children from age 4 years to 17 years. We offer two types of karate classes for children, a basic programme and an advanced programme with lessons split into two age groups 4 to 6 years and 7 to 12 years. 

Do you offer any karate classes for kids near me?

We teach kids karate classes in our fully equipped dojo in Dudley. Wellington Road, DY1 1UB (Next door to united carpets) Based on your availability and what works best for you, we offer two packages. Once a week training or unlimited training, with the ability to pick and choose your days to suit you.  Visit here to find out children’s karate classes near me and when your next children’s karate class is.

Kids Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai boxing teaches children to defend themselves through discipline and respect. Like karate, Muay Thai boxing is also structured through a goal system with different arm bands award at stages of achievement. Muay Thai boxing enables children to build social skills whilst learning.

Muay Thai boxing is a good tool for children who lack self confidence or are often a victim of bullying. We focus on confidence growth to enable children to feel more relaxed around others, whether that be at school or at home. 

When do you offer Muay Thai Boxing classes?

We currently hold 4 classes a week for each of the age groups. 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10-13yrs, Youths/Adults. 

 To find out specific times, click here.

Kids Jeet Kune Do

Kids Jeet Kune do is a combination of Kung Fu and Thai boxing. Children love it as it’s a very active sport and enables them to fuel any stress or aggression into physical activity. 

Whilst improving fitness, Jeet Kune Do increases kids focus and self control, through channeling tension into the martial art.

How do I sign up to your kids Jeet Kune Do classes?

Simply give us a call on 01384 896 502, reach out to us on Facebook or message us on Whatsapp +44 7977 551613 to book your child’s first class.

Kids Escrima 

Kids Escrima is an increasingly popular martial art where children learn to use objects, commonly sticks, to disarm and lock the attacker as an act of defence. The martial art teaches children to focus and react on the opponent’s actions accordingly. 

Do you think your child will benefit from martial arts? 

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