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My name is Jack, I originally started training at age 12, in Muay Thai Boxing and earned my 1st Dan black belt roughly 3 years later. I then took a break from Martial Arts…

Fast forward 6 years later I made the decision to start training again, firstly in Thai but I soon found myself training 6 days a week in all 3 Martial Arts the Academy has to offer and in my spare time delving deep into the history and philosophy behind Martial Arts.. this led to me quickly advancing through my belts due to my commitment and determination.

Due to this it wasn’t long before Lena and Rob asked me to start assisting with coaching the lessons, which led to me then becoming a full time instructor for them. In my time training and coaching..

I’ve had great experiences, laughs.. people who are now friends these people have had such a huge impact/influence on my life I will never forget them. Lena, Rob, Zoe, Stuart, Abi, Ian, Rich, Chris, Chloe and Dan have all taken me under their wing in some form or another, always being behind me, pushing me forward and I can’t thank them enough for trying so hard to unlock my potential and always bringing out the best version of not just myself, but every person who walks into the Academy.

A younger Jack