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Hi everybody, Ian here. I’ve trained in martial arts for over 30 years, under instructors and in systems as varied as Rick Young, Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine and our very own Rob Lock! I have experience in karate, kickboxing, Kung Fu, boxing, BJJ, capoeira,  Muay Thai, ninjitsu and Keysi, and have found a system to allow me to work all areas, ranges and weapons in JKD at the academy.

I have been training with Rob for over 15 years now and love the energy and the focus on discipline and self improvement of martial arts. As a qualified teacher, I make sure that lessons are structured but allow for individual progress and development within safely established boundaries. It’s great to see younger students improve under our care, and to bring older students an element of confidence that they might otherwise be missing. Each session allows another step or two on the path to self-discovery and self-mastery.

The end matters most on the journey, but the journey matters most in the end.